Reflection Week 6: How to Help Kids Find Their Aspirations

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This post helps to remind us, that as teachers, we help to develop our students’ aspirations. As teachers we shape a child’s mind and help them to develop into the adult they will grow up to be. This blog post focuses on three major guidelines that teachers should be sure to implement!

child pilotSelf-worth is very important and as sad as it is, this article says that half of our students feel as though they are not valued at school. As teachers we need to remember this and help each child to feel valued. In the hustle and bustle of all the things we must accomplish sometimes checking in with a student after an absence is not on the top of our list of things to do, but maybe it should be.

Engaging- We need to engage our students. Our classroom should provide an environment that evokes curiosity in our students and leaves them asking questions and finding answers.

We also need to give our students a purpose. Academic achievement as motivation only gets them so far.

A great article that we could all implement into our daily routines at school.

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