Reflection Week 7:Smart Strategies That Help Students Learn How to Learn

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This article focuses on the importance of teaching our students how to learn rather than just teaching content. It talks about great ways for students to asses themselves,

“Students can assess their own awareness by asking themselves which of the following learning strategies they regularly use (the response to each item is ideally “yes”):

• I draw pictures or diagrams to help me understand this subject.

• I make up questions that I try to answer about this subject.

• When I am learning something new in this subject, I think back to what I already know about it.

• I discuss what I am doing in this subject with others.

• I practice things over and over until I know them well in this subject.

• I think about my thinking, to check if I understand the ideas in this subject.

• When I don’t understand something in this subject I go back over it again.

• I make a note of things that I don’t understand very well in this subject, so that I can follow them up.

• When I have finished an activity in this subject I look back to see how well I did.

• I organize my time to manage my learning in this subject.

• I make plans for how to do the activities in this subject.”

An overall great article to remind us that it’s not just about content, but teaching students how to apply ways to learn inside and outside the classroom.


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